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Our massages are the ultimate relief for your body. The goal behind our massages is to reinvigorate your mind and soul as you just relax. In our expert hands, you’ll escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

We offer the following massages:

Swedish Massage – 60 minute relaxation massage $65
Aromatherapy/Reflexology – Swedish relaxation massage plus aromatherapy oils or Reflexology to promote healing and relaxation $70
Deep Tissue/Sports Massage – Concentrates on all muscle groups and trigger points using deeper compression and stronger stroke techniques $75
Hot Stones Massage – We use moist heated basalt stones of varying sizes on key points of the body for an extremely soothing massage $80
Thai-Swedish Massage – Incorporates unique Thai massage techniques into Swedish massage for an experience that is not to be missed! $95
Chair Massage – Our massage therapist works wonders on your head, neck, shoulder, back and arms.  Quick stress and tension relief massage (15 min.) $15

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